NBL Gynobiotic

Probiotics help a woman:

– maintain normal vaginal microflora (Reduces the risk of fungal infections)

– prevent the appearance of thrush

– reduce the likelihood of spontaneous abortion and premature birth in pregnant women

– reduce the risk of developing eczema, dermatitis and bronchial asthma in an unborn child

– Helps fight osteoporosis

– Prevents the development of group B streptococcus

– Promote the development of beneficial bacteria during the hepatitis B period

Probiotics for Pregnancy and Lactation:

– During pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences stress, which is regulated by high doses of hormones. There is a restructuring of the digestive, nervous, circulatory systems, the center of gravity shifts, the load on the legs and back increases.

– Probiotics help to adapt the body to the changes taking place. At the same time, probiotics strengthen the immunity of the expectant mother, protecting her from diseases that can harm the fetus.

– Also, taking a probiotic inside will help a nursing mother and her baby to solve most of such problems as colic, dermatitis and children’s sleep disorders. Also, taking probiotics helps to restore the figure.

Daily dose: for women, one capsule 2 times a day, morning and evening.

This product is a food supplement